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You Will Definitely Meet Someone Special at This Event

MeetingInTheDark, an experience where you will meet a group of people in a totally dark and secure space. Our hosts introduce everyone to each other, and members will chat up to 5 minutes with different people in a cozy atmosphere in complete darkness! Come experience an immersive and exciting way to meet new people and have the chance to network following the experience.

What is #MeetingInTheDark?

Real In-Person Experience
Meet a group of around 15-20 people in a pitch black secure space.
Following the welcome circle, chat as long as you want in our cozy and open atmosphere.

Special People
Our events are open to anyone (21+); anyone searching for real love or fellowship. If you believe real communication should start without physical judgements, this event is for you!

Only our hosts will be able to see you; they will wear infrared glasses to safely guide you to a random seat in the space. Our events take place in secure and large office or yoga studio environments.

At the end of the event, we will turn on the lights and remain open for an additional 30 minutes for anyone wishing to stick around and continue their chat.


Meeting in the Dark is a must experience.

~ Arie A.

An unforgettable experience

Socialize on a different level at the MeetingInTheDark. The concept is a response to our material world. In the dark, you may discover a new perspective or new spiritual world through the power of communication, unencumbered by the shallow concerns we were socialized to prioritize. No prejudice, no bias, no distraction; all that remains are real people willing to open their minds.

MeetingInTheDark allows us to explore & practice:
• Free and spiritual communication
• Listening while fully present in this moment
• Limitless imagination and vision
• Sharing from the heart in a safe place
• Actually having fun and enjoying a moment

MeetingInTheDark is a wellness-oriented, non-sexual, substance-free socializing space. If you want to leave for any reason, just say so, and our hosts will help you to the exit. Guests must be 21+ with valid ID. Our events are LGBTQ+ friendly. 🌈


Because everybody needs open communication and socialization. That's the key to understanding others and real communication. In our world, communication starts in our mind. We typically decide to interact with others according to their physical appearance, age, race, clothing, and class. Because of our bias, we miss a lot of beautiful souls, love, and friends in our daily routine. In this event, you will have a chance to meet with them honestly and communicate freely. You will definitely be surprised when the lights turn on.

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